Reaching Out

In Our Community

Soap Kitchen
The Soap Kitchen is a free monthly workshop-style morning where you are invited to make cost effective and "green" laundry soap. Making this laundry soap is a fun way to connect with our community.  For more information, please contact the church office.
Athens Street Community Gardens
The community gardens is a joint effort by Immanuel Christian Reformed Church and the nearby Neighbour-To-Neighbour food bank and resource centre. Started on April 21, 2007, the garden has 27 plots where about 25 gardeners from all different backgrounds grow some of their own food. 

Immanuel Church members coordinate the goings-on at the garden, provide garden plots, plants, and seeds, and garden alongside the community gardeners. Neighbour-To-Neighbour makes applications available to its clients, and provides water for the garden plots.

Gardeners have expressed that they love coming to a beautiful green space, and that they appreciate the opportunity to enjoy growing fresh, good food themselves. We hope and trust that God will use Athens Street Community Garden to create a supportive community, and that our church community will be a blessing to the gardeners.

If you are interested in having a Community Garden Plot or would like more information about the garden, please contact the church office.