Easter Praise Project

Easter Praise Project!

We want your creative submissions for the ICRC Easter Praise Project! How can we share our praise and hope In Christ together if we can't gather for worship? Here's an idea: submit video, audio, and/or pictures of your home creations to be stitched together in a compilation of praise for Easter Sunday to be shared with the rest of the church! Check out this invite video, and the info below!

Here's some ideas (not exhaustive) of what we're looking for:

1. Video of you playing/singing your favourite Easter song/hymn (or an original)--please send lyrics with the video!

2. Picture of artwork you've created, any media (paint, pencil, marker, crayon, chalk, photography, cloth, knitting, quilting, puzzles, Lego, construction paper, front window displays, etc, etc!).

3. Video or Audio of you reciting a poem you've written or love.

4. Other ideas? let us know! And we'll see if we can stitch it in!

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 8!

Please send all submissions (along with the work's title and first name and last initial of the creator) to Rick Flokstra at rick.flokstra@gmail.com, or for large files--you can upload the file directly at http://pebbleshore.com/uploads-for-immanuel/. Please note that the final product will be made available through email, the Bridge App, the church's website and facebook account. In submitting a file, you agree to this use.