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Immanuel is doing Virtual Vacation Bible Summer Camp this summer!

We cannot meet at the church in our usual large gathering, but we invite children and their families to take part in their own homes and back yards, either as a single family, or inviting friends and neighbours who are allowed to be with you within the applicable guidelines.

You may do this program at any time, either in one week or over many weeks, whatever suits your family.

We will provide you with two things:

  1. The complete program as a single PDF file of about 19.5 MB. If you cannot access the program this way, we can get you a paper copy upon request!

  2. A short introductory video for each day that will walk you through the activities in that lesson. These will be coming available here on this web page!

Again, contact us at OR 905-648-0604 to get the materials!

Compassion Camp: Be Loved, Be Kind, Be You
For families with kids from Pre-School to Grade 5(ish)

We spend five days looking at different places in our lives where we can cultivate compassion:

· At the Table: Compassion Helps Us See and Welcome

· To the Neighbor: Compassion Helps Us Love our Neighbours

· For Myself: Compassion Helps Us Love Ourselves

· Along the Way: Compassion Helps Us to Be Present with Each Other

· With the World: Compassion Gives Us a Fresh Start

Each day’s lesson includes:

Gathering & Music: Introduces the session’s theme with a short reading. It’s an ideal time to learn the original music written for each session.

BibleStory: A child-friendly paraphrase of the Bible story, accessible for all ages, with imagining and wondering questions to connect more deeply with the story. We also included a coloring page and a Mosaic Tile Poster that can be made into fun VBS decor for your home.

Create & Play: A fun mix of crafts and games throughout all five sessions to practice our compassion skills and have fun together.

Movement: Physical engagement to connect our minds, bodies, & spirits with God. We will focus on our breathing alongside some basic yoga poses connecting the main themes of Compassion Camp with our lives.

Compassion in Action: Our Compassion in Action activities help your family think creatively about sharing our compassion and love. These simple, small, tangible acts help us express God’s deep compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world.

Sending & Music: Wraps up the session’s theme with a short reading. This is another excellent spot sing the original music written for each session and use the illustrated prayer for reflection.

Daily Examen Card: You can use this card in the days that follow to remember what you have learned in this lesson and talk about it together.