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Discussion Questions on Sunday's Sermon

February 11, 2024

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Matthew  4:12-25
Jesus: the Kingdom Come

1. What stands out to you from hearing these verses?  Is God offering an invitation or a challenge to you through those words?  Take time to pray about it.

2. What three foggy dark realities hang over Galilee as Jesus leaves the wilderness?

3. What does repentance mean under John, and how does that change once Jesus arrives?  What do you learn about repentance here in Matthew 4?

4. How does the “good news of the kingdom” (4:23) enable people to turn from even more than just their sin?

5. What are the preoccupations and sufferings that take your time, heart, and head space and keep you paralyzed in the fog? 

6. How will you turn from (and let Jesus turn you from) these things toward a deeper life of following Jesus this week?  How will this impact the way you use time and connect with Jesus and others? 

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