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Discussion Questions on Sunday's Sermon

March 26, 2023

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Feasts - Weeks
Leviticus 23:15-22

1. What is Sacred Time?  Any ideas?  Has the use of Liturgical Colours in the front of the sanctuary helped you at all to understand the flow of a sacred time?  How might it?

2. What significance do you notice to the way the feasts are laid out in the Leviticus 23 calendar?  You can come back to this question throughout the sermon!

3. What does the festival of Weeks/Pentecost have to do with Creation? 

4. What are the values that God reveals through his provision in Creation?  How do feasts remind and re-form us into these values?

5. What’s the difference between Secular (Sæculum) and Sacred time?  How does our eternal God of eternity intersect with our own time?  What does that do?  When does that happen still today in our Christian life and worship?

6. Coming to the feast of the Lord’s Supper joins us to all these stories of Christ’s redemption and sends us out in the Spirit not as secular people, but as people who have communed with the Sacred.  How will that change the way you live this week?        

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