Sunday Worship
August 9, 2020

Welcome to Worship not at but as Immanuel CRC!

We gather in homes across the area under Jesus’ promise that: “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20). Whether worshiping alone today or gathered with others, as you join the prayers, songs, and scripture of this service, you join in worship together, in faith, with a whole church family.

Take Time Before Viewing to Prepare for the Lord's Supper
Before you begin this service of worship, make sure that you've prepared for the Lord's supper by...

1. Acquiring and setting out some bread.
2. Acquiring and pouring some juice.

The pastors will explain and lead us though participating in the supper at the appropriate time in the service.
The elders of our church have discussed this and agreed on this before hand.

Worship is a verb. It’s something we do,
not something we merely watch or listen to.
How will you actively participate today? You can find ideas below.

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All songs covered under CCLI license 426968 and One License A-728128


Worship Stage: Networks

Socially distanced gatherings of people are permitted by law

So, we invite you to get together in small networks (with neighbours, relatives, your Faith Family, etc.) for worship at homes and in yards via our pre-recorded services. This gives opportunity for some in-person fellowship where you can sing with each other, pray for one another, and partake in Communion together. For those unable or uncomfortable to gather in networks, Single Home options remain. Please continue to follow all applicable health guidelines!

Offering Schedule
Got Talent

Worship Participation Ideas:

1. Get involved with your voice by reading the scriptures and confessions aloud, praying the prayers included, or praying your own. Sing along with the songs in the service!

2. Get involved with your body by standing for some of the songs, for the Greeting and Blessing too—extending your hands to receive it.

3. Get involved with your heart and mind by taking time to discuss or reflect on the scripture and by taking time to add your prayers to the congregational prayer.

4. If you’re a musician of whatever caliber: use the PDF’s of the songs attached to the liturgy document to play and sing the music at home rather than using the media provided (or simply muting it as it plays so that you still get the words for everyone else!).

5. For families with younger children, be sure to use the craft materials sent out for this weekend in our daily email!

May God bless you richly as you worship Him today!

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