Church on the Loose

Pentecost is coming!

So is our next ICRC video compilation!

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, May 23

Scroll to the bottom for Submission details

What is the church really?

It's clearly not a building:

We haven't met in one for over a month and we're still the church!

But we are scattered.

So what is the "church on the loose?"

In what way is the church impacting the world?

In what ways is the Spirit at work?

Send in your creative responses!

We're looking for anything that depicts what the Spirit-filled church is or is doing in this time (mission/outreach/loving neighbours...).

That could be:

1. Video or Audio of you sharing a story of how your faith has been built or has been put into action in these days.

2. Recital of poems or scripture or short stories you've written or love that are on topic are also welcome!

3. Video of the church in action or songs about the church or other creative angles on "church on the loose." (please include lyrics for songs!)

4. Picture of artwork or practical things you've created or participated in in these days to build or share faith or "be the church", any media (paint, pencil, marker, crayon, chalk, photograph, cloth (masks?), knitting, quilting, puzzles, Lego, construction paper, front window displays, etc, etc!).

5. Other ideas? let us know! And we'll see if we can stitch it in!

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, May 23! Details for Submission:

Please send all submissions (along with the work's title and first name and last initial of the creator) to Rick Flokstra at, or for large files--you can upload the file directly at Please note that the final product will be made available through email, the Bridge App, the church's website and facebook account. In submitting a file, you agree to this use.